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How Tiffany Lost Weight with a Newborn in Tow!

ship-shape-tiffanyHow do you achieve your ideal shape with three young kids, including a newborn? Ask our December Shape Up Challenge winner, Tiffany Tegman Kostecki!

Tiffany lost 20 pounds on the 12-week challenge, kick-starting her mission to lose the baby weight and get in shape. She was so happy with her results, in fact, that she just signed up for the new 2015 Shape Up Challenge to keep her momentum going!

While Tiffany won’t say it was easy, her story is proof that even busy moms can (with a little creativity) squeeze 20 minutes out of the day for fitness…

“I’m Tired of Saying I Can’t Do It”

Like many mothers, Tiffany gained baby weight with her first child and again with her second, and although she managed to work off the extra 50 pounds each time, things got harder with her third pregnancy.

“Being pregnant at 38 was a challenge, especially after I was in a car accident,” she says. She had been told that getting pregnant again would cause a great deal of back pain, but she wanted to complete her family.

“Now with a healthy baby, making Tiffany a proud wife, mother of three and step-mom to one, she was ready to get her health back.tiffs 2014 nov 1155

“The first three months the baby took every second of my time that wasn’t spent on cooking, housework, doing homework with my nine-year-old, and caring for and being with my toddler,” Tiffany says. “But after a certain point it was time to stop making excuses and that’s when I found the IdealShape Up Challenge and thought, this is perfect!”

Tiffany did the Shape Up Challenge workouts whenever she could fit them in—sometimes during the day, sometimes late at night after everyone was in bed.

“Other times I would hand my husband the baby and do it right in the living room while my toddler tried helping (climbing on me),” she says.

“I Have More Energy Than Ever to Raise My Kids!”

Not only did Tiffany lose 20 pounds and 2 inches from her waist in just 12 weeks, she gained muscle tone and strength. She went from being unable to do a regular pushup to doing 10-15 in a row, and by the end of the program had traded her 5-pound weights for 15-pound weights!

The fact that the Shape Up Challenge was short and worked multiple muscle groups made it efficient, she says. “I could get it done in 10 or 20 minutes, and it was a good intensity level. But yet it was easy enough… and there are variations, so at first I could do the variations because I wasn’t strong enough to do the pushups.”

Tiffany won’t say that working out with a toddler and a newborn was easy, but with flexibility and focus on her goal, she made it happen.

tiffs 2014 nov 448“I am happier and I feel stronger,” she says. “I look thinner and more toned, and have more energy than ever to raise my kids. I still have a long way to go but am happy with my results so far thanks to the IdealShape Up Challenge. I’ve combined this workout with yummy healthy smoothies and nutritious meals to put me right on track to being in the best shape of my life by 40.”

Tiffany also credits the Shape Up Challenge for providing the accountability she needed on a home workout. “Just sharing with everybody my progress and having to tell them how it went on Facebook—that made a big difference,” she says.

“I plan on continuing this journey of health and fitness the rest of my life. I pray to pass on my good habits to my kids along the way!”

Way to go Tiffany! 🙂 We know you’ll love the new round of the Challenge even more!

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