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Find Out Which Challenge These Winners Used to Launch Their Fitness Journey

These two ladies both used the 12-Week IdealShape Up Challenge to jumpstart their health and fitness goals. By doing the workouts and following the meal plans, they were able to see some amazing results.


Mercedes Johnson Before and After Photos

Mercedes Johnson likes to say that she’s 64-years-young. As a former personal trainer and bbodybuilderMercedes lived her whole life as a fit, active, and competitive person. Her biggest passion has always been weight lifting.

“I can remember lifting with the boys when I was a kid. As a teenager, I discovered the power of shaping my body and growing my strength by eating right, exercise, and good old fashioned hard work. I even did a few competitions on an amateur level!”

She loved her job as a personal trainer and couldn’t imagine doing anything else, until six years ago when she seriously injured herself.

“I tore up both my rotator cuffs, my neck was almost broken, I had to have surgery on that. That’s when I lost all my muscle mass and became so totally depressed because my whole life was about being healthy,” Mercedes shares.

During her recovery period, she went from 167 pounds of lean muscle to a “skinny, saggy mess.” But she didn’t just lose muscle mass, she lost herself. Her family and friends even began to worry about her health as she continued to lose muscle and fade away.

Mercedes knew she needed to do something in order to pull herself out of this funk, so she started running. But deep down she knew she needed to start building muscle to get strong and healthy again. So she started searching online for workouts that she could do at home.

That’s when she discovered IdealShape’s 12-Week Challenge and began a new chapter in her life.

“I was so badly depressed and down because nothing was helping me. I couldn’t work out and that’s why I started with IdealShape. It gave me courage. It gave me the strength to get back to exercising,” Mercedes says.

Mercedes jumped in with both feet ordering weight loss products like IdealShake, IdealBars, and IdealBoost. She loved how the products made her feel and she loved the results she got too! Her main goal was to put on more lean muscle, but she also lost fat in the process.

“With the exercise and following the diet, I started to gain back the muscle I had lost. So even though I lost weight I was gaining back muscle mass,” Mercedes reveals.

But she didn’t stop there! Mercedes went on to do two rounds of Trainer Lindsey’s 15-Day Challenge, one round of Coach Kaytlin’s 15-Day Fight the Fat Challenge, and two rounds of Trainer Lindsey’s 6-Week Fit Body Challenge.

Doing the 12-Week IdealShape Up Challenge Mercedes was able to lose 10 pounds of fat! Then when she started Trainer Lindsey’s 6-Week Challenge she put on 4 pounds of muscle, helping her reach her goal of getting stronger.

“I’ve done all the challenges! And in every one of them, I’ve gotten better and gained more muscle. The difference in my body is incredible. I mean at my age, I’m like, ‘Whoa, yeah'” Mercedes says.

One of her favorite parts of doing these challenges (besides loving the products) are the Private Facebook groups! Mercedes discovered that these groups were the outlet she needed to share and encourage other people during their journeys’.

“I’m totally addicted to exercise. I always have been. So I really ran wild with the social groups.”


Christina Before and After Her 40 Pound Weight Loss

29-year-old wife and mother of one, Christina had always been pretty thin and never really had to worry about her weight until in her 20s when the food she ate and the exercise she didn’t do finally started to impact her weight.

“I was never really into fitness growing up. I really didn’t need to worry about it. But once your 20s come, everything you eat starts to matter and all the activity that you don’t do kind of catches up with you,” Christina shares.

Her weight problems only got worse during her pregnancy where she gained 65 pounds. Topping out at 215 pounds, Christina had never weighed more in her whole life.

“In my family, we’re very round when we have babies. A lot of us, including my aunts and my grandmother, they never lost the weight,”

So she started trying to lose the weight as soon as her doctor gave the ok to begin dieting and exercising. Her family tried to reassure her that it was ok if she couldn’t lose the weight, but their words of “encouragement” had the opposite effect for Christina.

“I was getting very discouraged because everyone was telling me, ‘If you can’t lose the weight, it’s ok because it runs in our family, we’re all very heavy,'” Christina reveals. “But I said, ‘I don’t want to be that. I don’t want to be that statistic.'”

She tried other meal replacement shakes but wasn’t happy with them because the taste was like drinking “liquified chalk.” She wanted a shake that tasted good and worked.

That’s when she discovered IdealShape!

“I found IdealShape through a review website which compared many of the most popular meal replacement diets and IdealShape came up #1! I figured I would give it a try,” Christina says.

Not long after that, a post about the 12 Week IdealShape Up Challenge popped up on her Facebook feed. She joined right away and fell in love with the workouts and the flexible meal plans.

Since discovering IdealShape and the IdealShape Up Challenge Christina has lost 40 pounds! She’s even done multiple rounds of the Challenge.

“I felt awesome doing it and I love working out now. I feel lost now without a regimen!” Christina admits.

In addition to the 12 Week Challenge exercise program, Christina used IdealShake to help her cut calories and shed pounds.

“It’s delicious and it actually keeps me full and there’s so much more with it. It’s not just a shake, it’s a whole program. I tried the shakes and I really wasn’t hungry after. It works. I enjoy it a lot,” Christina says.

Even though her family didn’t want to put pressure on her to lose the weight, they have been there to support her during her journey and to celebrate her success. Her husband even started to do the challenge and has lost 10 pounds!

“I am so glad I started this challenge and I am so lucky to have found IdealShape to help me through my weight loss journey. I would 100% recommend IdealShape to anyone looking for help in losing weight, toning up your muscles, or simply getting on track with a healthy happy diet!”

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