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These Winners Committed to Change and Found Fitness Success

These three women each have amazing stories and results that we are excited to share and celebrate. The Ship Shape Challenge isn’t just about how much weight you’ve lost but also how far you’ve come in reaching your ideal shape!


Tara Strahle Before and After

At 35 years old Tara found herself in a funk. The former college athlete was not in the same shape she once was and she was having a hard time finding the motivation she needed to be the active, happy person she knew she was.

“I wouldn’t say I was in a depression, but kind of in a funk. Emotionally and physically I didn’t feel at my best,” Tara reveals.

Tara has always loved being active. Paddleboarding, volleyball, and just living an active lifestyle have always been a part of her life. But that changed three years ago when Tara herniated a disk while traveling for work in Nigeria. Not long after that, she tore a tendon in her foot right before another overseas business trip.

Her injuries sidelined her, forcing her to put a hold on her favorite hobbies so that she could properly recover.

“Before that, I was in decent shape. So that was kind of the beginning of my downward spiral,” Tara says.

Not being able to stay active took a toll on Tara physically and emotionally. Her stressful work life and constant travel made things even worse. The pounds started to slowly creep up on her.

“You don’t really realize that you’re getting bigger because you’re with yourself all the time,” Tara shares.

Her slow weight gain finally hit her when she was visiting her family over the holidays.

“New Year’s morning I went to get my jeans out of the dryer, and as I was putting them on I just heard it rip. I had never seen anything like that, so I was like, “What in the world?”. It was a total rip down the side, it was a serious blowout!” Tara chuckles.

To add insult to injury, earlier in her visit, Tara’s mom had commented on her weight! Tara knew this was the motivation she needed to make a change in her life. So she had her mom take a picture of her ripped jeans so she wouldn’t forget that moment.

With the fire lit and her goal to hit 130 pounds, Tara prayed that she would find something that would help her change her lifestyle and reclaim her former self.

That’s when she found IdealFit’s 15-Day Fit Body Challenge.

“I literally saw on Facebook one day, randomly, and I was like, ‘What’s this?’ Knowing that with travel I can’t be tied down to a gym, it was the perfect fit for me,” Tara says.

After taking the 15 Day Challenge a couple times, Tara jumped on the chance to start Trainer Lindsey’s 6 Week Fit Body Challenge.

As soon as she found IdealFit she committed herself to the challenge and jumped in with both feet despite the challenge of traveling while sticking to a meal plan. It didn’t matter where she was, Tara brought her workouts and nutrition with her.

“I joke that Lindsey’s been with me to Zimbabwe, Rwanda, and Tanzania so far.”

Tara traveled the world with her carry-on bag packed with her nutrition essentials, including baggies full of her favorite Chocolate Brownie IdealLean Protein. Once as she was leaving Rwanda, security called out bomb-sniffing dogs because of the mysterious powder!

“The dog actually drooled on my stuff and I said, “See I told you, it’s just chocolate!’” Tara says, admitting that it’s a great story.

The 15-Day and 6-Week Fit Body Challenge helped Tara lose an impressive 25.5 pounds and nearly 10% body fat!

More than that Tara loves feeling confident and healthy. Plus, her new-found fitness has helped make paddle boarding easier.

Tara’s not done yet though! Her next goal? She’s considering getting on stage and doing a fitness show!


Britney Riedl Before and After

24-year-old dental hygienist Britney has always loved working out. Since high school, she has enjoyed working out regularly but healthy eating has always been a struggle for her. Even when she tried diets, nothing seemed to make a difference.

“I’ve always been really big into working out, that’s always been a big thing for me, but it’s always been really hard with the eating part,” Britney says. “I’ve tried Advocare and their 24-day challenge and that was really hard for me because I’m not good at coming up with new and healthy recipes. So I got really bored and it was really hard to stick with.”

The yo-yo dieting wasn’t getting her anywhere and it definitely wasn’t good for her self-esteem. When she would slip up on her diet she would end up beating herself up about it.

“I would wake up in the morning telling myself, ‘This is the day, I’m gonna stick with this. I NEED to lose this weight’. Only to find myself stuffing my face with junk later that day and feeling so guilty after. I often wondered, ‘What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I do this?’.” Britney shares.

Britney needed a plan that could tell her exactly how to eat so that she didn’t have to figure out the details for herself. Other diets had failed her because they left her with all the work without enough guidance to follow through.

That’s how she fell in love with IdealFit’s 15 Day and 6 Week Fit Body Challenges.

“I think the easiest thing is basically being told how to eat. Having the meal plans set up, knowing what to eat, and the workouts are always nice and quick, that makes it easier,” Britney says.

But it wasn’t always easy for Britney to stick to her meal plan. Going out to the bar or out to eat with friends and family made her feel awkward at first. Not only did these outings provide plenty of temptation she always felt like the odd man out.

“A lot of my friends and family like going out and going to the bar or going to dinner and at first I felt really awkward ordering water and now I don’t have as much desire to have a beverage,” Britney says.

She even had to learn how to say no to friends and family who would tempt her with treats.

“The motivating Facebook pages were enough for me to look at something and think, ‘OK, I can do this!’” Britney reveals.

But Britney didn’t just fall in love with the challenges but also the products that have helped support her through it all! Britney loves IdealLean BCAAs and Pre-Workout and she’s excited to see results from her newest purchase of IdealLean Fat Burner and IdealProbiotic.

Between the 15 Day and 6 Week Fit Body Challenges Britney has lost 17 pounds!

Her weight loss isn’t her only change though. She’s been able to see the results in her pictures. Even though she hasn’t reached her long-term goal of weighing between 130 and 135lbs she can see that she’s getting toned. And she can feel the difference too.

“The biggest thing for me is feeling good. I’ve always had chronic stomach issues and never feeling well and following this program, I feel great. It made me realize how important nutrition really is.”

Britney plans on continuing the 6 Week Fit Body Challenge as she works on getting closer to her long-term goal. And even though she’s not there yet, she can’t deny that she’s excited about this summer because of her new-found confidence!


Gisselle Mendoza Before and After Picture
When her father died in November 2014, Gisselle told herself that she wasn’t going to let herself sink into the hole of depression and self-neglect. Unfortunately, she didn’t keep that promise to herself.

“Grief is a bad thing,” Gisselle shares. “I would just kind of come home and do nothing. I had no motivation to change. And I thought, ‘I’m young and it’s ok’. You hear all the bad things and you think it’s not going to happen to you. But then I really started to feel the impact of the weight that I was putting on.”

In a short amount of time, Giselle went from a consistent 215 pounds to 240 pounds.

Her doctor warned her that in addition to her high blood pressure (which she has struggled with for a while now) she was also borderline diabetic and her cholesterol was on the rise. But even that wasn’t enough motivation to shake her out of her funk.

“My doctor told me if I don’t change I’m going to die young and this is something I can control. But it would just not sink in,” Gisselle says.

It wasn’t until she realized the effect it could have on her family that she knew she needed to make a change. Gisselle helps to care for her nieces three to four days a week and is very close with them. One day, as she was driving on the freeway, Gisselle’s health problems created a dangerous situation that terrified her.

“I knew I didn’t feel well. I didn’t know how to explain it, but I felt light headed and dizzy and I felt like I was going to faint. I knew it was probably my blood pressure,” Gisselle says. “I was driving my nieces and I told them, ‘I don’t feel good. I’m going to try and get off the freeway right now but if anything happens, this is what you have to do.’”

The looks on their faces reminded her of how she felt when her dad began experiencing health issues. It was right then that she knew she needed to change because she couldn’t bear the thought of putting her family through what she had to go through with her dad.

After losing 20 pounds on her own, Gisselle started looking for a meal replacement shake that she could have in the morning as a convenient breakfast.

That’s when she found IdealShape.

Her doctor had warned her about lowering her carbs and she was trying to cut back on sugar as much as possible. That’s what first drew her to IdealShakes.

“I didn’t want to buy the over the counter stuff because I noticed how much sugar they had and I was trying to cut down on sugar. I started researching and I found IdealShape and it really fit what I was looking for,” Gisselle says.

But what she really loves about IdealShake is the convenience! Her busy and hectic mornings are filled with helping her nieces do their hair and pick out outfits, which means breakfast needs to be fast or it doesn’t happen.

“I can throw IdealShake in my Blender® bottle with almond milk and sometimes a scoop of peanut butter and it blends well. It doesn’t have a gritty taste, the taste is really good,” Gisselle shares.

Despite health problems, and slow progress, Gisselle has stuck with IdealShape and has lost 25 pounds!

Gisselle suffers from PCOS making weight loss difficult for her. Her progress has been slower than she thought it would be. When she began her journey she wanted to lose 80 pounds by April and even though she’s only halfway there Gisselle isn’t letting that keep her down!

“I try not to let it make me feel bad. I tell myself I’m in a better place than I was a year ago. As long as it’s going to take I have to keep trying to get the rest of the weight off,” Gisselle says.

Hopping on the IdealShapers private Facebook community and hearing what other people are going through has been a big part of her continued success. Knowing that she isn’t the only one that struggles has helped her stay on track. She enjoys being part of a community that encourages each other.

With the help of IdealShape, Gisselle has lost 25 pounds and gained a new love of life!

She has even discovered new passions and hobbies since beginning her weight loss journey.

“I learned that I love to cook! I never was a ‘cooking’ person. Now making something good and making something that I enjoy, it relaxes me. I never would’ve known that I would enjoy that,” Gisselle says.

She also loves going on walks and hikes by herself.

“I like to just get lost in the noises of the birds and the trees and feel the sun and have that moment to myself.”

As she continues on her weight loss journey she is enjoying the results that she’s already seen and is motivated to reach her ultimate goal.

“I feel proud of where I’m at. Even though I’m not at my goal weight, I feel proud of where I am. I feel good and I look good!”

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