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Workout Music:Turning Your Workout Up To 11

workout musicNow we’ve been pretty adamant about setting up exercise routines and why they’re so awesome. The health and psychological benefits of a proper exercise regimen are numerous, so once you’ve got that down, what’s next?

How about getting just the right workout music to accompany your butt kickin’ routine?

And I’m not just saying it because I could never make it through the full workout without my iPod. Studies show that when exercise and music are combined, the results make your brain very happy. So much so that people who exercised with music did twice as well on a verbal fluency test over those who did not.

Music causes our frontal lobes to work overtime. The part of the brain that is sorting tones, timing and sequencing the melodies in our ears, are also the places associated with higher mental functions (abstract thought and planning)

So the next time you’ve got a big meeting at work or need to have your brain open for a huge mid-term cram session, jump on the treadmill and blasting the tunes just might help you be successful.

I should note that the study was done with Vivali’s “The Four Seasons”, but researchers suspect that almost any music will do. (Which means I get to keep rockin’ out to my Vanilla Ice and Beach Boys). And changing up your music playlist is actually a pretty good way to stave off the winter funk.

So, next time you’re cranking out 10 reps, don’t forget to crank your music up to 11.

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