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joy-workout-opener-400We all have the good intentions to fit in our daily workout, but how often do we actually get there? I have been one of those people – “I’m going to the gym tonight” “oh, you wanna go to dinner?” “OK, I’ll workout tomorrow.” I think it’s safe to say that it’s a fairly common conversation (at least I’ve heard it or said it about a million times). But there are some tricks to making sure you actually work it in.

1.  Have a schedule: If you just say “I’ll do my workout when I have time,” it will NEVER happen. You have to set aside a time. And if it can be the same time every day that’s better because then you know it’s coming and it just become habit. If you schedule it and actually write it down in your planner or whatever you use, you are far more likely to actually do it.

2. Take a buddy: Most people don’t like going to the gym by themselves. Taking someone with you makes it much more enjoyable and the time passes faster.  It makes it more of a social event. When life gets crazy maybe this could be your one time to get away with an old friend. The other great advantage of taking a buddy is they will keep you in line and make sure that you are going. You have someone to hold you accountable. This theory works great for home workouts as well because you can workout with anyone regardless of gym membership.

3. Put your shoes somewhere you’ll notice: This is a sneaky little trick that I’ve come to love. Put your gym clothes or running shoes right by the door or in the back seat of your car. When you’re done with work or school and you see them, the guilt trip sets in and I usually feel more obligated to go. Or I set them right inside my door or on my bed. Just a little hint so you can’t just tell yourself “oh, I forgot”.

The important thing is to not put off working out. Stay on schedule and keep up with it.  These tips may sound simple and silly, but you’d be surprised how much they actually help!

carla meine

carla meine

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