Goal Setting

Starting Your Goals On The ‘Write’ Foot

goalsProper goal setting is a huge part of being successful with your weight loss for many reasons. It helps decrease our tendency to procrastinate, increases motivation, and creates guidelines for us to follow. The success rates for those that have written down their goals and properly planned their resolutions is many times greater than those who don’t. When we start a weight loss plan we often feel overwhelmed by the amount of change that must take place in our life to be successful. It may seem daunting but you have a lifetime to work with. Set yourself on the right track by choosing one or two bad behaviors each month to change and you will quickly see you’re moving towards your weight loss goal in a lasting way. This approach to modifying behaviors is most successful with what we call a Mental Script Agreement, found in our book, ‘IdealShape For Life‘. It’s a great way to set yourself on the right track to completing your goals.

How it works:

The mental script is an easy goal setting guideline for you to follow because:

You Write Down Your Goals:

When you write down your goals you’re not just thinking about them in more concrete terms (though you are.) Writing is distinctly connected to your subconscious through your nervous system. When you write down a word, you don’t think about the letters,  you think about the idea or the message that you want to convey. Your hand moves almost without thinking to create letters that have been burned into your mind since you were a child. Writing in cursive intensifies this feeling and creates a deeper connection with your subconscious.

You Formulate Your Ideas Better:

The Mental Script gives you step by step instructions on what to do and how to define your ideas better. It makes you follow a path of thinking that increases your understanding of what you are committing to. If you’re struggling with ideas, there is also a list of example behaviors to choose from that greatly increase your chances of losing weight.

You Have Solid Guidelines to Follow:

Not only have you better defined your goals, the mental script gives you techniques to follow that increase your chances of success. For example, just before bed is when our brain is the most susceptible to influence. During this time you are asked to reread your mental script to further ingrain these thoughts into your subconscious.

You Motivate Yourself:

When you sit down and write out the mental script agreement you create a feeling of accomplishment. You’ve set yourself up for success and you know it. This helps move past the tendency we all have to procrastinate. When you’re feeling good about something, you no longer want to put it off. You want to start right now and you know you can be successful.

You Create Accountability with Yourself:

The mental script agreement is set up like a contract that you make with yourself. Our subconscious has created powerful ties with certain words and creating a contract makes us feel more accountable. Even if it’s just a piece of paper that only you know about; in your mind it feels more official and creates a sense of accountability.

You Create a Symbol for Success:

As part of the mental script agreement, you create a symbol to define the behavior you are trying to change. This works as a consistent reminder of what you wish to achieve.

Instantaneous, lasting success is nearly impossible and there’s no pill to motivate you to be healthy. We’ve worked for years in the health industry trying to help those that wish to be more healthy and the mental script agreement is one of the most powerful tools that we have found.

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