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Don’t Keep Me Hanging On Like A Yo-Yo Diet

yoyo diet

What? It’s my sincere opinion that every fitness blog should use ‘Wham!’ lyrics in a title at some point. And all 80’s pop references aside, I’m actually attempting to bring up a pretty important topic. Specifically ‘weight cycling’ or as it’s more generally known: yo-yo diet.

We use the term yo-yo dieting a lot, but what is it? Well, basically, it’s most commonly the process of a dieter choosing a hypocaloric diet that is initially too extreme. The dieter quickly begins to lose weight, but fatigue develops or motivation wanes and the lost weight gets put back on. The dieter then seeks to lose the regained weight and the cycle starts all over.  Is this sounding familiar to anyone?

For those of you in the know about how IdealShape was created; you’ll probably remember that it’s a major reason why we do what we do. The health risks associated with yo-yo dieting are not pretty. Extreme diets that shed quick pounds often cause the dieter to lose fat and muscle during the initial weight loss phase. The reason you gain the weight back is because your body enters a ‘famine-response’ state. It stores everything you eat as fat and the pounds come right back. Now the excess weight is all fat and that muscle you lost is gone for good. You’re in worse shape than when you started!

The problem is that it’s hard to judge a weight loss regimen at a glance, but here are a few tips. Never—and I truly mean, NEVER—crash diet. These are unhealthy to the point of being risky. Also as a rule, approach fad diets with skepticism and any diets that use the word “miraculous” probably are too good to be true. Weight loss programs that do not include exercise regimens are usually something you want to avoid. Exercise keeps your muscles toned and ensure that the weight you lose is fat and not muscle. Make sure you’re truly ready to commit to a program; this isn’t a little change, it’s a whole new life-style. And you need to know that this is something you truly want, or as we like to say: “get your brain in the game.”

Do your homework and choose the weight loss program that is right for you. I’m sure you know who I’d recommend but considering where you are, you can be sure that my opinions might tend to be slightly biased. (Though, is it biased if I really do KNOW that our product IS the best out there? Hmmmm…)

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