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Yoga and Stress: Why is Yoga so good for Stress Relief?

yoga and stressWe understand that day to day life can get a little hectic at times. Managing time between family, work, getting things done around the house and all the other things on your list can be quite stressful.

So far this month we have been talking about how exercise and the IdealShape Up Challenge can help you overcome excess amounts of stress in your life. Today we are going to include an extra tool that can be a huge benefit toward managing stress in your life. The tool is Yoga, and it can be an awesome way to break up your daily routine and help you release unwanted stress.

Yoga focuses on different techniques to improve breathing, flexibility and relaxation. For many it is a way to connect both body and mind to create an overall health promoting experience. So let’s break down the three areas that yoga aims to improve and see what the relation is between yoga and stress.

Controlled Breathing

Controlling your breathing is a huge part of yoga. Many of the poses actually require that you breathe in a certain way in order to maintain stability and correct posture. This can be difficult to master because most of us do not pay much attention to how we are breathing on a regular basis.

So how can controlled breathing help you reduce stress? Controlling your breathing requires control over your body and mind. It can also be calming. This combination of control and calming of the body and mind can be a powerful tool in reducing stress in your daily life.

In fact, at times when you feel overwhelmed or overly stressed, paying attention to and controlling your breathing can help calm you down and better deal with those stressful moments.


If you have ever seen someone in a Yoga pose this one should be a given. Many Yoga poses require a great deal of flexibility. This can be daunting to those of us that are more on the inflexible side of the spectrum.

In fact, the first time I tried Yoga this was one thing that made me a little hesitant. Once you actually get out there and try it you may find that you are better at it than you think.

When dealing with stress, working out tight, achy muscles can do wonders for your body. Overwhelming amounts of stress tend to bind up muscle groups throughout the body. Using Yoga as a way to release these tight muscles may be the answer you have been searching for to alleviate headaches or other aches and pains your body may be experiencing.


Along with becoming ‘one’ with yourself and the other mind and body benefits Yoga has to offer comes relaxation. I’m not going to lie, the first time I tried Yoga I was anything but relaxed but after learning to control my breathing and increasing my flexibility I have been able to experience that Yoga really is relaxing. There is just something about focusing on gaining control throughout your body that can bring you a great sense of peace and relaxation.

Relaxation is important when dealing with stress because it gives you a release from everything stressful in your life. This relaxation comes from the other two aspects: Breathing and Flexibility, listed above. Learning to relax and release unwanted stress is extremely important for reducing the effects of stress in your life.

If you deal with a great amount of stress in your daily life or even a little bit of stress, I would highly recommend giving Yoga a try. As discussed above, these three aspects of Yoga can give you a great sense of balance in your life and control over stressful situations.

When done in conjunction with the IdealShape Up Challenge, Yoga can offer a great balance in your fitness life as well and help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

So give Yoga a try and see for yourself the awesome correlation between Yoga and stress relief. Also, we would love to hear your input on how Yoga has helped you manage stress in the comments below!

By Wes Young

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