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Your Brain and Weight Loss: Got 30 Minutes to Change Your Life?

Brain PowerWe have a lot of our customers that love our shakes, supplements, exercise programs, and the like, but if you’ve spent time researching us, you know that our biggest passion is the brain and weight loss. It’s what sets IdealShape from the hundreds of weight loss programs that you can find on the market. To us, it’s the part that turns the program from ‘another fad diet’ to a program to create a healthier lifestyle with permanent changes.


The problem, of course, is that even after all this time we get a lot of calls and questions from people about what brain training is and rightfully so. Frankly, it’s a hard concept to sum up with a quick blog post, or marketing line that fits in a newspaper article, or 3 minute segment on a TV show.


Overcoming the mental barriers of weight loss is a huge part of weight loss, but only recently have scientist been digging deeper into the subject. They’ve even gone as far as planning ‘brain training’ experiments of their own. (We were pleasantly surprised to see the scientists use the term brain training.)


So, if I can’t explain it in a blog post, then what’s the point of this one? Why, to lead you to the place that it can be explained, of course. We got David Meine, our resident brain guru, to film one of his webinars where he explains brain training in a clear, concise way. It’s definitely worth checking out, especially if you have seen the webinars advertised but never been able to attend one yourself.


In the end, I could give you a whole lot of reasons why this is worth your time. I could tell you that customers that have used the CDs have rarely ever returned them after the 30-day trial that we offer on all of our products. I could point out that our customers who have been on our full program with the CDs have stayed on it longer and found more permanent results, but the choice is still yours.


You have to be convinced, not all our other customers. If you’re truly curious, I would definitely recommend taking 30 minutes out of your day to watch the entire video. It could very well change your ideas on weight loss, and it could just change your life for the better.

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