After defeating the cancer that ravaged her body, Yvonne began to gain weight. “Just 10 pounds a year. I mean it wasn’t a drastic, all of a sudden 100 pounds, it was 10 pounds one year 10 pounds another year. Ten years later, I was 100 pounds overweight,” Yvonne said.

She became a master of photo shop because she was embarrassed of the the way she looked. She would photo shop ever picture of herself that was “public.”

When Yvonne was battling cancer her husband took her up to their special spot on their mountain and carved their names in a tree. The year before their 30th wedding anniversary Yvonne’s husband decided that he wanted to hike up to their tree.

That became Yvonne’s motivation to finally lose the weight. She set a goal to lose 100 pounds in a year, but nobody believed she could actually do it!

That’s when she discovered IdealShape! On January 1st, she got her first order of the IdealPlan

Kirsten Jackson

Kirsten Jackson

Writer and expert

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