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How the Zimmermans Make Mountain Biking a Family Affair – #MyIdeal

Leslie and Judd Zimmerman are passionate about mountain biking, and they’ve found a way to turn it into a family activity.

“Balancing life and exercise is rough with three kids,” Leslie says. “If you find someone to work out with, to be active with, it’s so much easier.”

The couple hits the trails together when they can, and they also go on gentler bike rides with their young children. The idea: get the kids on bicycles (and tricycles) early, and they’ll be able to go on family mountain biking rides together when the kids are a little older.

“Pretty much it’s family and bikes outside of working,” Judd says. “I’ve done a lot of other things, but there’s something about mountain biking — the adrenaline of going fast downhill and just going through crazy terrain — that always pulls me back.”

Leslie is also hooked on the adrenaline and the fast pace of mountain biking. Some days, she gets up before sunrise to go for a ride before the rest of the family wakes up. Now that’s love!

It’s never easy for parents to find time to exercise, but where there’s a will to be healthy, there’s a way. And finding a physical activity that doubles as family time sure helps!

Watch the Zimmermans’ video to find out why mountain biking is their #ideal family workout. Then go find a sport YOUR family will love!

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