IdealBoost Weight Loss Drink

The perfect alternative to sodas and sugary juices, designed to satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping you full.

What Is IdealBoost?

IdealShape's weight loss drinks are sweet juices that you can enjoy without the guilt.

- 10 calories or less

- Completely sugar-free 

- Keep you full for 3 hours with special ingredient, Slendesta

- Contains green tea and caffeine for an energy boost

- Just $1.50 or less per drink


IdealBoost Best Sellers

Learn More About Weight Loss Drinks

IdealBoost is designed to curb your sugar cravings and replace those sugary sodas. That's why our range is full of real-tasting, sugar-free flavors. 

Every flavor contains Slendesta to keep you full, caffeine and green tea to give you a boost fat loss, and B vitamins to support your mood.

Each serving of IdealBoost contains 80 mg of caffeine, mostly from green tea and green coffee bean extract. This equals a roughly the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee.

With special ingredients, Slendesta and Fibersol, one IdealBoost drink should keep you feeling full for up to 3 hours. 

For optimum flavor, we recommend mixing one sachet in about 12-16oz of water.