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  • Hunger Blocking Smoothies for Weight Loss
  • Low Calorie Treats to Crush Cravings
  • Easy and Convenient Recipes for On-The-Go Nutrition

It's a fact: If you can’t control hunger, you can't lose weight. The good news is these smoothies will help you control hunger so you can lose weight.

We here at IdealShape have a secret ingredient. It's an ingredient that we put in all of our smoothies that will keep you feeling full, satisfied and wonderfully energetic all day long. (Hint: it comes from potatoes!)

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Meet Trainer Kami

Meet Trainer Kami

I’m Trainer Kami Price, a NASM certified personal trainer, a certified nutritionist, and the head trainer here at IdealShape!

I know weight loss is possible. I know you can do it! And with my delicious and convenient smoothie recipes you can feel full and satisfied even while shedding pounds. You can literally sip your way slimmer.

Jenna's Story*

70 Pounds Down*
As a busy mom, Jenna got stuck in a cycle of unhealthy eating. She became depressed and felt miserable. She didn't want to live like that anymore. She wanted to be there for her family. When her husband was deployed for 10 months, she did some research and found IdealShape. She surprised him with a 70 pound transformation when he came home!