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Sarah's Success Story

Sarah's Success Story

The road to weight loss wasn’t going to be easy. As a baker and cake designer, Sarah is literally surrounded by temptation every day!

IdealShape was key for her when it came to conquering her cravings. With IdealShake she didn’t feel the need to snack on cake scraps because the dessert-like shakes satisfied her cravings.

Sarah went from a size 16 in July, to a size 8 in January! Not only has she lost pounds, she’s gained confidence and the ability to keep up with her kids instead of sitting on the sidelines.

Janna's Success Story

Janna's Success Story

Janna found IdealShape online in March of 2015. Since IdealShape was rated number one, she decided to buy a bundle and give it a try. She then made the ambitious goal to lose 100 pounds!

In two years she didn’t just lose 100 pounds, but 165 and counting! With the IdealShape products, the satisfying meal replacement shakes, IdealBoost, and supplements, she finally discovered how to eat right and make a lifestyle change.

Now 165 pounds lighter, Janna feels better than ever. She has a better mindset and is more motivated to do things. She even rediscovered her old love for snowboarding and shopping for clothes! She loves to be outside and spending time with her son.

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