Move More.

Move More.

Finding ways to control your hunger and manage your cravings while keeping your daily calorie intake low will be key in losing weight. Since losing weight means consume fewer calories than you burn, exercising regularly is a great way to not only increase your energy but amp up your calorie burn! Try these suggestions to burn more calories during the day when you’re trying to lose weight:

-Park farther away. Don’t look for the closest parking spot you can find. Intentionally look for spots farther away to up your steps!

-Take the stairs. We see an elevator or escalator and it is so natural to hop on instead of choosing the stairs. Make a conscious effort to get in more steps wherever you can and take the stairs.

-Get in a workout. Cardio activities, (running, swimming, cycling, etc.) are a great way to burn calories but combining cardio with weight lifting will really help you lose weight. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you are going to burn at rest.