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Weight loss is a major accomplishment and we want to reward your hard work. 

How does a cruise for 2 to the Caribbean sound? What about $1,000 cash? Or Even a trip to Utah where you’ll get to meet Trainer Kami Price?!

Enter the Your Ideal Transformation contest and win big for losing weight with IdealShape. Just tell us about your weight loss journey and you could be our next Grand Prize Winner!

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Inspire Others

The number one thing we hear from all of our winners is: “If I can do it, anyone can!” As a winner, you will have the unique opportunity to share your weight loss story and how it has changed your life. Winners like Kelly Smith have inspired countless numbers of people to finally beat their lifelong struggle with weight. 

You can be the inspiration someone needs to transform their body and gain a new lease on life! If you become a Your Ideal Transformation winner, IdealShape will share your story, through blog posts and videos, with thousands of people to help encourage and motivate them.

Tell Us Your Story and Enter to Win

You don’t have to lose the most weight to win. We want to hear amazing, courageous stories about transformation and change! 

Every Your Ideal Transformation winner will receive a 30 day IdealPlan, $100 cash prize, and a trip to Utah where you will get to tell your story and meet our top trainers! 

You will then be eligible to win one of our 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Grand Prizes!

  • 1st Place Grand Prize Winner - Caribbean Cruise for 2
  • 2nd Place Grand Prize Winner - $1000 Cash 
  • 3rd Place Grand Prize Winner - $500 Cash

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